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Meet the matrix - Unveil the fear factor!

Meet the matrix - Unveil the fear factor!

February 3, 2021

Wanna know why SHTF? Here's the why.

Wake up to the matrix, recognize the fear game that is being played on you, on me, on our entire collective, all in the name of power.

And recognize that your power belongs to YOU - Take it back and the entire illusion crumbles!


Telegram - https://t.me/thesaframethodofhealingandtruth 

Awakening the sleeping dragons

Awakening the sleeping dragons

January 27, 2021


Together we rise, my sistars! Welcome to innovation in action. When we are pushed into a corner - We step the flock up!

Let's get to work - Get to know me and get ready to STEP UP into the aware-ness of who YOU are. Get healed, get connected. Take back your power!


You are the light.

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